Mulligan Techniques Eugene, OR

Mulligan Techniques

It’s very common in the course of a life to develop pain when you move your body in certain ways. Whether you’re having sharp pain in your lower neck when turning your head to check traffic, or shoulder pain when reaching up to the top shelf to get down the pie pan, it’s possible that the source of your problem could be that your joint is either not positioned exactly right, or is stuck in a certain way.

There are many techniques available to aid the clinician in restoring joint range of motion that is limited by pain or stiffness. For most of these, the patient is still and the therapist moves your sore part by pushing, pulling, or gliding the joint. Due to frustration of getting only modest results from these techniques, a New Zealand Physiotherapist, Brian Mulligan, developed a new method where the therapist and the patient are both moving together. Results improved significantly!

The therapists at Essential Physical Therapy in Eugene, Oregon are trained in these techniques which can be used for any joint in the body. The best part is that if your therapist finds a particular technique that is useful for you, they can teach you to do the same technique by yourself. When you learn to relieve your own pain, improvement occurs much more quickly than if your provider is the only one to be able to do it.

Conditions that respond to Mulligan techniques include:

Patients are often surprised by how quickly they feel better and see their motion improve. It’s so common that Brian Mulligan always says that when you apply these techniques correctly, “You should see at least one miracle every day!” For more information, Contact Essential Physical Therapy today at our Eugene, OR Center.