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McKenzie Approach

The McKenzie approach, developed by New Zealand physiotherapist, Robin McKenzie, is an evaluation and treatment system which embodies the principle of active patient involvement. Therapists trained in this system are experts in evaluating, treating, educating, and empowering patients with neck and back disorders. This system is used worldwide by practitioners who treat patients with neck or back pain, and has been researched extensively. It has been found to be a highly useful and reliable method for practitioners to use to help determine the most appropriate treatment strategy for managing most disorders of the spine.

Why should I see a therapist who is a McKenzie Diplomate?

The well-trained McKenzie Diplomate uses the evaluation process to help identify loading strategies, directions of movements, or manual therapy treatments that can help to bring resolution to patients with back or neck pain. One of the most common causes for neck and back pain, herniated or bulging discs, often ease rapidly once the proper strategy is determined by physical therapist skilled in this system.

The McKenzie Institute offers exceptional post-graduate level training for practitioners interested in dedicating themselves to a deep understanding of the evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders. The end-point of this training is successful completion of a residency program which confers graduates with a Diploma in the McKenzie Method, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (Dip. MDT).

Keith Blackwell, the owner of Essential Physical Therapy is one of only about 5 practitioners in Oregon who have gained the Diploma in MDT. Having achieved this in 1995, he has used this system to successfully treat thousands of patients with neck and back pain, and has learned to identify when patient have conditions not amenable to this approach.

Who can benefit from a McKenzie Assessment?

If you are having neck and back pain – even if you have not found relief from physical therapy or chiropractic treatment in the past – you will likely find that the unique skills of a McKenzie-trained therapist will provide you with not just temporary pain-relief, but a new understanding of how you can relieve your own pain, and therefore contribute to your own ongoing health and well-being.

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