Stop Watching Life From the Sidelines

It turns out that living in a body here on Earth is often a painful experience. We are all subject to most of the same stresses and loads: Gravity bears down on us 100% of the time. We all sit, or lift, or stand too much. And we’re all aging.

Luckily, your body is a healing machine!

Most times, when we hurt ourselves, all we need to do is give the healing part the respect it deserves, and we’re soon back to full health.

If your best efforts fail, that’s when a physical therapist can be helpful. At Essential Physical Therapy Eugene Oregon, we are experts in helping people understand what’s keeping them from recovering from pain or injury. Most people begin to feel better within the first two visits!



When moving through your day is painful, it feels like it’s going to always be that way, and that takes away some of the joy of life. We understand that feeling, and by working together with you, we can almost always find ways to decrease pain, and improve function to help make you feel whole again.

We’ve set up a patient-care model to ensure you receive the best care possible:


    You’re not coming to our clinic for dinner, and that’s a good thing, because I don’t think I’d be a very good waiter! I can help you the most when I can give you my complete attention. This is not what you get in all physical therapy clinics. Some therapists are seeing 2-4 patients at the same time like they’re waiting tables. I’ve learned through the years that helping people to resolve their pain issues requires a lot of one-on-one work. To get you back to full function, we will likely have quite a bit of problem-solving to do. My goal is to know your problem better than you do.


    As a physical therapist for the last 30 years, I’ve been investing in your pain-relief. Through countless hours of self-study, residency training, more than 2000 hours of continuing education, and the 10,000 or so patients who’ve come before you, I’ve been preparing for your visit.


    At some clinics, patients are given a standard exercise program - usually a pre-made sheet of exercises. This is not quality physical therapy. At Essential Physical Therapy your treatment plan will be determined by the deficits found during your evaluation and personalized to your recovery needs.

Our Patients Want Others to Get Great Results Too

I highly recommend him if you are in need of physical therapy. No regrets here.

~ Michelle B.

Keith very quickly pinpointed the source of my pain and gave me some great tools to manage discomfort. Friendly, professional and kind. Highly recommend.

~ A. Norman

Keith is part of a great team in a really cool, casual office with the feel of home and the spirit of family.

~ LuAnn R

​I chose to see Keith for physical therapy for a hip/lower back issue, on the recommendation of two of my friends, and I’m so glad I did.

~ P. Raney

FREE Month of Yoga for all New Patients


Click where you hurt

Find out how Essential PT has helped people with problems like yours.

By the end of my first visit I was able to raise my arm over my head, carry my water bottle, and even turn a door knob without significant pain – seemingly small maneuvers that I had dreaded for almost a week.

... Read More

A Hayes

I have been suffering from neck pain for about 6 months now and finally decided to take control of the pain.

... Read More

D Gorton

I went to see Keith Blackwell as I was experiencing extreme shoulder pain that was also causing pain down my arm and wrist. He was very patient and through in his questions and examination.

... Read More

R Wheeler

I can say without a doubt that Keith saved my arm! Due to an unexpected surgery, severe pain and nerve damage; I was just about without the use of my dominant arm and hand.

... Read More

T James


I had an appointment last week with Keith as my lower back was very painful. After he ran me through a series of tests and questions, he determined what was going on.

... Read More

E McGehee

Went to Keith after a serious back injury a few years ago. He taught me many strengthening exercises, pain relieving exercises. He has broad knowledge of how the body works.

... Read More

R McFarland

I had the good fortune to be referred to Keith for rehab after I broke my pelvic sit bone. I had never experienced breaking bones, & I appreciated how Keith helped me trust my body again.

... Read More

S Anderson

After repeated back injuries failed to fully resolve on their own I sought treatment from Keith. He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach.

... Read More

C Priem

Urgent Care had told me my back pain would go away after a few days, but when it didn’t I went to Keith, who did a wonderful job listening to all of my concerns and quickly diagnosing what was actually going on with my back.

... Read More

S Gilbert

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Keith specializes in spines ! With his exceptional knowledge he was able to help me understand what was going on.

... Read More

E Pfaff

I had a fabulous experience with Keith. With out his help with my back I couldn’t ride horses. I highly recommend him.

... Read More

R Turner


I went to keith with an ongoing pain from an ankle surgery two years ago. We went over what was going on and possible causes for my pain on my first visit.

... Read More

J Strachan

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me during my ankle injury therapy program. It is obvious that you are very knowledgeable in your field.

... Read More

T Bracken


Keith Blackwell treated me for “frozen shoulder” which was very painful. I needed to learn exercises to heal and recover normal range of motion. After 5 sessions, I am well on my way to recovery.

... Read More

C. Ewing

After a shoulder injury I was in a lot of pain. It took a few months of trying to make it better myself before I went in to see Keith.

... Read More

K. Ericson

Keith’s intimate knowledge about body mechanics, his love for movement in many forms, and his ability to educate and motivate provide for extremely effective physical therapy sessions.

... Read More

M Brown


I was recently involved in a car accident and was rear-ended by another vehicle. At my first appointment with Keith I was unable to move my neck, back, elbow and shoulder without pain.

... Read More

B Foulke


Keith is really helpful and informative. He took time with me to help me understand the exercises, to perform them correctly in order to resolve painful discomfort in my hip. Thanks to Keith, my hip doesn’t hurt anymore, YAY!!!!

... Read More

S Matsu

Keith has helped me so much in becoming more active. He has constructed a personal program that has helped my left hip become less painful and more mobile.

... Read More

D Williams


Keith was a big help. A few weeks ago my knee started to act up, going up and down stairs. I pulled out the exercises Keith had given me and the elastic bands and started in.

... Read More

M Sanders



Essential PT Specializes in Getting Results

Read below to learn about some of the strategies we use to aid in your recovery.

Items That Will Assist With Recovery

Easily find items that will work with your personalized treatment plan. Here are quick links to find them on Amazon.

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