Stop watching life from the sidelines

It turns out that living in a body here on Earth is often a painful experience. We are all subject to most of the same stresses and loads: Gravity bears down on us 100% of the time. We all sit, or lift, or stand too much. And we’re all aging.

Luckily, your body is a healing machine!

Most times, when we hurt ourselves, all we need to do is give the healing part the respect it deserves, and we’re soon back to full health.

If your best efforts fail, that’s when a physical therapist can be helpful. At Essential Physical Therapy, we are experts in helping people understand what’s keeping them from recovering from pain or injury. Most people begin to feel better within the first two visits!


Keith Blackwell treated me for “frozen shoulder” which was very painful. I needed to learn exercises to heal and recover normal range of motion.

Connie E.

Keith “doesn’t treat body parts. He treats people with body parts.”

LuAnn R.

Keith’s intimate knowledge about body mechanics, his love for movement in many forms, and his ability to educate and motivate provide for extremely effective physical therapy sessions. I sought help from Keith after a bike accident led to a surgical repair of the clavicle.

Michelle B.

Keith very quickly pinpointed the source of my pain and gave me some great tools to manage discomfort. Friendly, professional and kind. Highly recommend.

Norman A.

I chose Essential due to the high reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. Todd did everything he could to help me and has a great balance between professionalism and compassion. I think it’s critical to have a comfortable relationship with your physical therapist since they will see you at your worst. I can’t recommend Todd and Keith enough.


I have seen Keith on two separate occasions so far and will not go anywhere else from now on. He is very knowledgeable and gives you the tools to help manage your aches and discomfort at home too! I 110% recommend Essential PT.

Brady V.

After some reluctance to go see Keith, mainly due to being in enough pain to demotivate me at the end of my workday, I finally made it in to see him. All I can say is “wow!”, he was very fast and professional, gave great tips and stretches/exercises to compliment the work he did to me. I’m honestly astonished how quickly the pain went away (I can say completely), this man really knows how to help. Thanks Keith!

Calum B.

Essential physical therapy is a wonderful place to go. Keith is kind, understanding and willing to work with all different types of physical therapy needs. This is my second time going to essential physical therapy. I have been to a few other physical therapists in Eugene and this is my favorite one. Thank you for all that you guys do at Essential Physical Therapy.

Corey G.

Essential Physical Therapy has given me my life back. I have seen multiple therapists over the years, but Keith Blackwell is the BEST therapist I have ever treated with. He is caring, compassionate and the one of the best human beings I have ever met. He listens and truly tries to resolve issues, rather than treating you like a number. Best practice I have treated with. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation. Your body will thank you for it!!!

Elise B.

Within the very first office visit, Keith identified areas of major weaknesses that contribute to my hip function problem. He listens well and his exercises prescription effective. He is also a good teacher who explains everything clearly so I understand how each of the exercises would help me to recover my hip functions. Working with Keith give me new hopes of recovery through PT!

Hubbs E.

I feel so grateful to have received this care. Everyone at Essential physical therapy feels like family! The environment is so welcoming and beautiful and the staff is so friendly and professional. They really do care for your well being.

Khelmy A.

I went to Essential Physical Therapy for around 2 months to treat an ankle injury. My physical therapist, Nick, helped me so much to get rid of my ankle pain and brought my pain down significantly. He’s very talented, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The office staff was very kind too. Highly recommended!


I don’t usually feel inspired to write a business review on google, but then again I’ve never had an experience like the one I’ve had with Keith at Essential Physical Therapy. Never have I met a healer that’s so committed to my well being and happiness and understands my situation.

Levi G.

Keith is very personable and a great teacher, which I have found most valuable in my visits to see him. He is not one to hoard the knowledge that he has and his ability to explain what he is seeing helps me have a greater understanding of what I need to do to heal.

Matt K.

I came to Essential Physical Therapy for a neck problem and quickly realized I had met Keith many years ago when he helped me with my back troubles. He has learned a few new tricks since then and I am grateful to be back in his care. Keith is kind, thoughtful and thorough in his treatments. But it’s not just the treatments. It’s the education and tools he gives you to help you understand your condition and to continue the healing process on your own. I highly recommend Keith and Essential Physical Therapy.

Russ C.

​I chose to see Keith for physical therapy for a hip/lower back issue, on the recommendation of two of my friends, and I’m so glad I did.

Raney P.


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I went to see Keith Blackwell as I was experiencing extreme shoulder pain that was also causing pain down my arm and wrist. He was very patient and through in his questions and examination. After numerous different tests, he determined my issue was actually not my shoulder, but my neck that was causing my pain. After my first visit, my pain was already reduced almost 50%. By being so thorough and persistent, Keith is treating the correct issue, my neck, which is saving me from enduring prolonged pain unnecessarily. I would highly recommend anyone needing to see a Physical Therapist to contact Keith at Essential Physical Therapy. You will be glad you did!....View Conditions Library

R Wheeler

I can say without a doubt that Keith saved my arm! Due to an unexpected surgery, severe pain and nerve damage; I was just about without the use of my dominant arm and hand. I was fortunate enough to have found Keith and we began treatment. His assessment and therapy plan ultimately brought me back to full use of my arm and hand, and without pain. Keith is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and just an all around good guy. Keith explains what is going on and what the treatment will be. Any physical therapy can be painful, but Keith is understanding of that, but still is persistent enough to get the job done! I highly, highly recommend Keith Blackwell and Essential Physical Therapy.....View Conditions Library

T James

By the end of my first visit I was able to raise my arm over my head, carry my water bottle, and even turn a door knob without significant pain – seemingly small maneuvers that I had dreaded for almost a week. My second session provided enough relief that I not only felt the progress personally, but my husband and even my coworkers noticed a pleasant change in my disposition. With the conclusion of my third appointment I was able to joke, laugh, and enjoy my returning appetite – I began to sincerely feel more like myself.....View Conditions Library

A Hayes

I have been suffering from neck pain for about 6 months now and finally decided to take control of the pain. Keith Blackwell was highly recommended to me by my acupuncturist, so I decided to give him a try. The office was very warm and welcoming, and I was impressed by Keith's background and experience. It is a pleasure to have him as my physical therapist.....View Conditions Library

D Gorton

I had the good fortune to be referred to Keith for rehab after I broke my pelvic sit bone. I had never experienced breaking bones, & I appreciated how Keith helped me trust my body again. He identified issues that I needed to work on, & I healed rapidly because I followed his recommendations. His office is comfortable & upbeat clinical. If you're lucky, Sydney will let you love on her, seeing as she is the office therapy dog! I trust Keith to help my family know what's going on with their bodies. My son in law got great support from Keith when he was trying to figure out what his body needed. I never knew what physical therapists did. Keith is a great example of a quality physical therapist, & he helped me realize how great & under-utilized physical therapy is.....View Conditions Library

S Anderson

I had an appointment last week with Keith as my lower back was very painful. After he ran me through a series of tests and questions, he determined what was going on. He treated my back and sent me home with things to do on my own. When my back starts having an issue I do as he instructed and I am back to new again. I originally met Keith after a car accident 2 years ago. I told my husband after our accident how glad I was we had been referred to him. I have sent many friends and family his way and they all love him as much as I do.....View Conditions Library

E McGehee

Went to Keith after a serious back injury a few years ago. He taught me many strengthening exercises, pain relieving exercises. He has broad knowledge of how the body works. He works with you at each visit and together provides a lifelong plan designed to fit your daily lifestyle. I can tell you that with Keith and staffs help you will achieve a healthy more comprehensive and adaptive way to deal with pain.....View Conditions Library

R McFarland

After repeated back injuries failed to fully resolve on their own I sought treatment from Keith. He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach. He gave me tailored movements to suit my needs and helped me progress to nearly pain free in just a few visits. I appreciated his mindfulness of my self pay situation. He even offered to provide a phone consultation should I need additional support for full recovery. His office is lovely and everyone I met was friendly and kind.....View Conditions Library

C Priem

Urgent Care had told me my back pain would go away after a few days, but when it didn't I went to Keith, who did a wonderful job listening to all of my concerns and quickly diagnosing what was actually going on with my back. Even just the simple stretches he had me do in the initial appointment worked wonders because by the next day I already felt an incredible improvement. Keith is intelligent, kind, understanding, and genuinely cares about his patients. He never makes you feel rushed or like your concerns aren't legitimate; I would recommend him to anyone.....View Conditions Library

S Gilbert

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Keith specializes in spines ! With his exceptional knowledge he was able to help me understand what was going on. He gave me the exercises I needed to help lessen the pain in my lower back. My family is very happy as I now get quality sleep and am not so grouchy from just trying to exist. I love the new lifestyle. I highly recommend Keith!....View Conditions Library

E Pfaff

I had a fabulous experience with Keith. With out his help with my back I couldn’t ride horses. I highly recommend him.....View Conditions Library

R Turner

I went to keith with an ongoing pain from an ankle surgery two years ago. We went over what was going on and possible causes for my pain on my first visit. He helped me get a better understanding of what the issue was and a way I could keep doing stretches without having to return to PT. Since then I have had a huge reduction in pain, my ankle is beginning to move more freely, and i have been able to return to the sports i love with little to no pain on some days. He had let me know it would be a long process considering it has been two years of my ankle not being mobilized, but literally after the first stretching sessions i have had more flexibility than i have had since my surgery.....View Conditions Library

J Strachan

"Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me during my ankle injury therapy program. It is obvious that you are very knowledgeable in your field. I appreciate that you always took the time to answer my questions and explain things in detail for me. Your humorous attitude made coming to therapy fun and something I looked forward to." I am now able to walk without pain and would highly recommend your therapy to any one in Eugene who needs physical therapy!....View Conditions Library

T Bracken

Keith Blackwell treated me for "frozen shoulder" which was very painful. I needed to learn exercises to heal and recover normal range of motion. After 5 sessions, I am well on my way to recovery. I would recommend Keith to anyone who needs physical therapy. His instructions were clear and he made sure I understood not only the motions to go through but the reasons behind them. Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming, especially Sydney, the therapy dog. Can't imagine a better experience.....View Conditions Library

C. Ewing

After a shoulder injury I was in a lot of pain. It took a few months of trying to make it better myself before I went in to see Keith. In just a month's time I've reduced the pain significantly to where some days I don't notice anything and have only been in a few times. Keith's approach to healing is great and I would recommend anyone to see Keith at Essential Physical Therapy. Don't wait to go in - see them!....View Conditions Library

K. Ericson

Keith's intimate knowledge about body mechanics, his love for movement in many forms, and his ability to educate and motivate provide for extremely effective physical therapy sessions. I sought help from Keith after a bike accident led to a surgical repair of the clavicle. How thankful I am to have him on my team! Each session truly does feel like I am moving forward towards full range of motion and mobility--and this comes after having many months of feeling incredibly stagnant prior to physical therapy. It feels great to comfortably get on a bike again, to stretch in the morning, and to perform my job as an RN without pain. I highly recommend him if you are in need of physical therapy. No regrets here.....View Conditions Library

M Brown

I was recently involved in a car accident and was rear-ended by another vehicle. At my first appointment with Keith I was unable to move my neck, back, elbow and shoulder without pain. Through weekly visits and through his treatments of spinal manipulation and exercises to improve my strength and range of motion, I have greatly improved in just 7 weeks. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm on the path and Keith provides exercises and stretches I can do at home to continue my recovery. I strongly recommend Essential Physical Therapy and Keith is a rockstar!....View Conditions Library

B Foulke

Keith is really helpful and informative. He took time with me to help me understand the exercises, to perform them correctly in order to resolve painful discomfort in my hip. Thanks to Keith, my hip doesn't hurt anymore, YAY!!!!....View Conditions Library

S Matsu

Keith has helped me so much in becoming more active. He has constructed a personal program that has helped my left hip become less painful and more mobile. He’s also helping me to increase strength in my legs. Keith’s help has increased my quality of life.....View Conditions Library

D Williams

Keith was a big help. A few weeks ago my knee started to act up, going up and down stairs. I pulled out the exercises Keith had given me and the elastic bands and started in. It only took a few days and problem solved. Thanks Keith - I have tools for life.....View Conditions Library

M Sanders


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