Ngootjoo, Ngootjoon

Dec10th 2019

When you come in for a physical therapy appointment, I can honestly say that you are half-way to resolving your problem.  I can say this with certainty since a physical therapist’s main goal is to reveal to you your body’s innate ability to heal.  Once you believe you can heal, then you just need to learn a few strategies to help the process along, 

My goal for you and the way you feel in your body is summed up by the phrase,  “Ngootjoo, Ngootjoon.” This is an Austrailian Aboriginal phrase that means “All is good, all is healthy.”

You see, you are miraculously changeable. Your body actually knows how to heal Read more about that here. You are more than just a machine that goes through the stages of being new, and then gradually wearing out. Since you are living biology, you always have the opportunity to encourage healing.  You can change the way you do things, develop new habits, and by doing this, see changes in your health that you never thought possible.

In truth, it’s just like your mother used to tell you, “anything you want to do, you can.”  (By the way, notice all the “you’s” in that statement).

So, once you believe that you can, indeed, heal from your pain or injury, what about the second half of the recovery?

Well, the second half is getting down to work learning the strategies and techniques that will aid in your healing process.  That’s where a skilled physical therapist can serve as your trusted guide.

Call Essential Physical Therapy, Inc. today so you can be moving toward the goal of “Ngootjoo, Ngootjoon”.

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