Essential PT Wellness Maintenance Program

Learn how to make choices to give you power over your health

The providers at Essential Physical Therapy want to do more than just help you recover from injury and pain.  We want to help you achieve wellness.

Wellness is not just the absence of illness and pain.  Wellness is the achievement of comfort in the systems of your body, and leads to contentment of mind, and lightness of spirit.  When you are comfortable in your body, you experience ease during your normal daily activities, and during the hobbies you love to do. 

Our promise:

By providing a variety of healthful interventions, you will become more mobile, have less pain with movement, gain strength, and have more energy.

How it works:

Choose one service per month. Options as follows:

Physical Therapy intervention: Expert assessment to reveal the source of your pain/dysfunction.  Spinal manipulation, development or upgrading of a strengthening program, education about strategies you can use to decrease your own pain.

Therapeutic Massage: pain relief, relaxation, improved function

Private yoga instruction: Learn yoga postures for your particular body with trained instructors.  Gain confidence, improve your strength and flexibility.  Learn a program you can continue at home.

Nutritional Therapy Services now available: 1:1 assessment (1 hour).

Sourdough class (2 hours)

Kimchi and sauerkraut class  (2 hours)

Meal Planning, shopping trips  (1-2 hours)

1 meal (for 2) prepared by Carrie: Chef’s Choice

Cost: 1100/year (paid in advance) or 100/month (automatic withdrawal)

Who needs this: 

  • Individuals with high deductible insurance plans will gain significant savings, and have improved access to services. 
  • Those who need support and guidance on their road to a healthier lifestyle.