Jun17th 2020

The number one reason people consult with a physical therapist -or – What to do about worry waves.

Each time I work with a new patient, I ask them what their goals are for coming to see me.  The answer is almost universal, “I want to be pain-free again.” What they don’t know is that, in many cases, it’s their worry waves that are partially responsible for keeping them in pain. What are

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Dec10th 2019

Ngootjoo, Ngootjoon

When you come in for a physical therapy appointment, I can honestly say that you are half-way to resolving your problem.  I can say this with certainty since a physical therapist’s main goal is to reveal to you your body’s innate ability to heal.  Once you believe you can heal, then you just need to

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A taste of my own medicine Aug22nd 2019

A taste of my own medicine

Let’s just start with these three truths: We’re all body owners.   Bodies get injured sometimes We’re all products of what happens to us   My interest in helping people to have healthy, resilient bodies started way back when I was in middle school when I hurt my own body for the first time.  My friend,

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