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Essential Physical Therapy is part of Essential Healthcare, a multidisciplinary clinic of independent practitioners working together to provide patients with a wide variety of quality health care services.
We believe that providing services to people with pain or illness is only half of our job. Our aim is to be a resource for you in your pursuit of wellness!

The Essential Healthcare team:



Essential Physical Therapy:

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Keith Blackwell Physical Therapist
Owner, Essential Physical Therapy, Inc.

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Todd Tucholke, Physical Therapist




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Kristin Taylor, Receptionist Extraordinaire

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Carrie, Keith, and Sydney


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Catherine Murray, Receptionist and Personal Trainer

Growing up in a family from Boston that stressed the importance of physical activity, Catherine was involved with sports at a very young age. Baseball, soccer, and basketball were a part of her life through high school. After graduating from Boston University with a BA in Psychology, Catherine moved to Atlanta and eventually continued to pursue her interest in health and fitness. She attended Chattahoochee Technical College and earned her Personal Training Certification. From there, the Catherine has been no stranger to the gym, having held almost every position,  from Front Desk to Personal Training Manager.
Catherine has many years of experience helping people build strength, improve mobility, and overcome injury. She has  trained with every type of client, from college athletes at the top of their game, to grandmothers who simply want to be able to pick up their grandchild. Recognizing that exercise is not “one size fits all,” Catherine will initially sit down with you and help customize a unique program tailored to your needs, your goals, and your abilities. “My goal is to help you create lasting changes to your life. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will be motivated and guided in a fun and supportive environment.
Services include:
– Customized programs
– Functional training
– Weight loss and muscle gain
– HIIT training
– Accountability/Motivation
– Sport specific training
– works closely with your physical therapist and doctor to tailor your program to your specific needs.

Prices : 1x week- $55
2x week- $50
3x week-$45

Essential Yoga and Massage:

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Carrie Blackwell
Massage Therapist
Yoga teacher

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