Our Practice

Essential Physical Therapy is part of Essential Healthcare, a multidisciplinary clinic of independent practitioners working together to provide patients with a wide variety of quality health care services.
We believe that providing services to people with pain or illness is only half of our job. Our aim is to be a resource for you in your pursuit of wellness!

The Essential Healthcare team:

SU3 0368 Our Practice


Essential Physical Therapy:

SU3 0656 200x300 Our Practice

Keith Blackwell Physical Therapist
Owner, Essential Physical Therapy, Inc.

SU3 0682 200x300 Our Practice

Todd Tucholke, Physical Therapist


SU3 0713 200x300 Our Practice

Kristin Taylor, Receptionist Extraordinaire

SU3 0761 2 1024x900 Our Practice

Sydney: Greeter, Love Delivery System, and Resident Therapy Pooch


Essential Primary Care:

SU3 0723 200x300 Our Practice

Tabitha Childers
Family Nurse Practitioner

SU3 0616 200x300 Our Practice

Catherine Murray, Receptionist and Personal Trainer









Essential Yoga and Massage:

SU3 0748 200x300 Our Practice

Carrie Blackwell
Massage Therapist
Yoga teacher

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